Zoning & Addressing Cygnus Alarms

I have two construction projects next to each other, how do I set up the fire alarm system?

Some construction projects are more complex than others, for example there may be more than one part to a construction phase that’s being developed at the same time. However, this becomes more complicated for companies when installing temporary fire alarms for fire safety during the construction period; an alarm might be alerted in one zone and cause an evacuation for the entire site when what was required was to only evacuate a particular zone. This of course has negative effects on the progress to the project and may lead to high unnecessary expenses.

Enter Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarm

The alarms within the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System can operate in a maximum of 15 zones with up to 32 devices in each zone. The system is well able to control all zones from a main control panel operating on the same frequency, but distinguished by different zone addresses. In the event of a real evacuation the alert is communicated to every alarm device within the system installed on the site.

However, where there are multiple sites within close range of each other, the system operates on unique site addresses; this is to keep each system separate and prevent interference. This therefore allows for the use of multiple systems on one site.

Each individual unit within a system delivers information to the panel at regular intervals, i.e. confirmation that each device is still present, and the battery status of each device; this message is recognised as its heart beat.

When the system includes a panel (which is most of the time), it observes these messages which is called a silent test. If the heartbeat is not heard for several intervals the control panel logs a fault status for that unit.

As Cygnus was design specifically for use on construction sites, it is a flexible system that can help construction companies overcome any challenges they face when it comes to fire safety.