Your first aid and fire alarm site solution

The number of fatalities among construction workers has increased by 27% to 38% in March 2018, according to figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Fatal injuries are a major concern for the construction industry, leading to staff absence and loss of productivity, whilst damaging your company’s reputation along the way – all of which can be easily avoided if your site has the right alarm system in place prior to work commencing on site.

A reliable fire and first aid alarm is a crucial piece of equipment to speed up emergency response time and enhance site safety.

Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid (CYG2F)

The Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm provides a cost-effective and reliable solution for construction sites. Having an integrated site alarm system removes the requirement for a separate systems for fire and first aid.

As with all of the Cygnus alarm devices, the CYG2F is IP65 rated and has a call point cover which prevents accidental knocks therefore reducing false alerts on site. The separate button for first aid activates an intermittent alarm to alert first aiders but also prevents site evacuation.

By having a first aid alarm on site, workers can ensure first aiders are notified immediately of any incident and its location, thus providing maximum protection in an emergency.

We recently installed the Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid at Silverstone Circuit for RG Group who are constructing a new Hilton Garden Inn Hotel which is due for completion in time for the Grand Prix in 2020.

As construction fire safety specialists, we can provide a complete fire safety solution for your business. To find out more, contact us on 01432 371170 /