Wireless Emergency Systems on Construction Sites

Construction sites face many hazards. Of all threats, fire represents the greatest danger to both life as well as physical assets. In this article we will look at how technology can help in the area of fire protection.

Fire Protection Systems Until Now

Until recent years, wired fire detection systems have been used on construction sites, which required electricians or specialists for installation. This was a costly and a very time consuming process as it required a lot of cabling and fire points, which needed to be moved as the construction progressed. This made it quite difficult for construction companies to install such systems.

The workers on the site had to rely on manual evacuation procedures during emergencies, which meant that a person sounded an alarm by ringing a bell in case of a fire outbreak. This was a very cumbersome and unreliable process as an alarm could be sounded only if someone saw fire or smoke. Also, in case the fire occurred when no one was present on the premises, the fire could go undetected and the worksite could be destroyed completely and the losses could be significant.

Wireless Emergency Systems

Nowadays, construction companies are seeing the advantages of wireless emergency systems.  Wireless fire protection systems are considerably easy to install and do not require specialists for installation. Since the system is wireless, the heat detection devices and fire points can be easily repositioned as the building progresses. Wireless systems are comparatively inexpensive and can reduce the losses that can occur due to a fire too. Since the wireless fire alarm systems provide pro-active detection of fire, even if there is no one on the premises, the system provides automatic protection.

Wireless fire alarms are very reliable and eliminate false alarms as the units are equipped with category 1 wireless receivers that are extremely reliable. Typically, a fire alarm system includes heat detection units or smoke detectors and fire points that are linked to the monitoring station. In the eventuality of a fire, a siren is triggered and a strobe light is activated that alerts the workers to evacuate the worksite. The base station allows the instant identification of the unit that has been activated, which allows the fire and rescue personnel to be deployed quickly to the exact location of the fire outbreak.

An SMS alert is sent by the base station in case the alarm is triggered. This allows the workers to keep control of the fire safety even if they are not present on the premises, thereby providing round-the-clock protection.

System apps can now be configured into any smart phone, which makes the system completely mobile.

Thus, we can see that wireless emergency systems can be very effective when it comes to protecting your assets as well as the workforce from fires on construction worksites.

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