What does technology have in store for the construction industry?

The construction industry is constantly evolving when it comes to site safety, and the use of technology will play an even bigger role in how construction companies operate going forward. Bull Products looks at the industry trends that will revolutionise the market this year.

Mobile technology

The use of mobile technology plays a key role in the industry and this will only evolve further this year. By providing workers with real-time information through a mobile phone or app, it can ensure hazards are spotted earlier and workers are alerted of the dangers quicker.

Our Cygnus Wireless Alarm System now includes a 3G Auto Dialler, which allows site managers to programme up to nine phone numbers of responsible persons in an emergency who are then notified by SMS if an activation or intrusion has occurred.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality has the ability to enhance health and safety training on site as it will give workers the chance to reduce accidents by creating simulations of real workplaces and hazards. This will allow workers to be aware of dangerous situations, which in turn, will reduce injuries on site.

Integrated fire alarms

Integrated fire alarms will become smarter, allowing companies to seamlessly connect several fire alarms together, thus protecting construction sites to the highest standards. Whether it’s fire alarms with a first aid alert or an intruder sensor, our Cygnus alarm system allows you to connect up to 480 units in 15 zones, offering enhanced site protection and protecting workers around the clock.


Although a relatively new concept, we will start to see drones used on construction sites as a means of improving health and safety. It will help construction managers inspect a job from above or in places where it is dangerous for a human to go, allowing the technology to spot potential hazards and monitor ongoing activity. This will provide a time-saving and cost-effective solution as it eliminates the need for an in-person inspection.

Enhanced fire safety

With the implementation of the Hackitt Review, we will potentially see tougher fire regulations introduced to improve fire safety. This will mean that fire safety becomes an even bigger priority ensuring workers are protected in the most vulnerable situations.