Think smarter, think wireless

In 2019, 76 tall buildings joined the capital’s skyline. Cities are constantly growing, and we are seeing a rapid increase in the construction of high-rise apartment blocks and skyscraper developments, with a record-breaking 541 skyscrapers planned in London alone.[1]

With an increase in high-rise construction, we must ensure fire safety is high on the agenda in order to maximise site safety and protect workers.

Here at Bull, we believe site safety should be your number one priority. Here are three top tips to bear in mind during your next high-rise development.

  1. Fire risk assessment

Carrying out a fire risk assessment should always take precedence before work begins on site. It will help you to uncover hazards and understand the impact that a fire can have on your site and workers. The appropriate measures can then be put in place to ensure your site is prepared.

We recommend conducting the following steps:

  1. Identify the hazards and people at risk – Ensure you identify every type of fire hazard including all sources of ignition and fuel. In addition, identify who could potentially be at risk such as contractors, workers and visitors.
  2. Evaluate, remove and reduce the risk – Once you have identified the hazards and those at risk, you can minimise the risk by equipping your site with the correct fire safety equipment including fire extinguishers, fire alarms, signage and first aid equipment.
  3. Record, plan, prepare inform and instruct – Record every hazard, no matter how big or small, as this will help to improve fire safety standards on site and reduce incidents from reoccurring. Preparing a fire safety evacuation plan will ensure employees are aware of the procedures within your construction site.
  4. Review – As your construction site grows, it’s important to review your risk assessment, ensuring employees are kept up to date with any changes.

Carry out evacuation trials

In a recent report, researchers from the University of Greenwich found that a third of construction site workers who took part in evacuation trials took almost six minutes to respond to an alarm during high-rise construction.[2] We recommend carrying out evacuation trials, rather than drills, putting workers to the test and helping them better prepare, should an emergency arise. 

Think smarter, think wireless

When it comes to protecting your site and workers, the key is to think wireless. Wireless fire alarm systems are ideally suited to protect the construction of high-rise buildings as they are very quick to install and can be easily located on different floors, alerting workers quickly in an emergency, without the worry of hazardous cables and wires.

Our Cygnus Wireless Alarm is a high-performance early warning system, suitable for even the largest and most complex of construction sites and will keep your site and workers safe 24/7.

It has protected many high-rise developments including residential developments, South Quay Plaza, Canary Wharf and Wardian London. The alarm can operate in a maximum of 15 zones with up to 32 devices per zone and is capable of controlling all zones from a control panel operating on the same frequency but distinguished by different zone addresses.

For more information about the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System and how it can maximise fire safety for your high-rise building in 2020, contact the team on 01432 371170.