Steps to Ensure That Your Worksite Is Fire Safe

Running a business and managing your worksite can be tough and in addition to that, ensuring the safety of the premises, business and the workforce can be quite a challenge. In this article, we have discussed a few steps that you can take to ensure that your worksite is fire safe.

Completing the Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) of Your Construction Site

A FRA should be conducted at your work premises by a qualified person. The FRA will assess the condition of the worksite, the potential fire hazards, sources of ignition, flammable and combustible materials present on the site, fire escape routes in the case of a fire, etc.

The FRA should also evaluate the details of the workers on the premises, fire safety signage, fire safety equipment present on the site and current protocols for prevention and management of fire. The FRA must be updated every 3 years in order to stay in compliance with the fire safety guidelines.

Maintaining the Systems

All the systems once installed on the construction site must be maintained properly to ensure that your worksite and workforce are safe. Regular checks must be carried out to ensure that all fire alarm systems are functioning properly, emergency lights are working properly, all faults in the equipment and systems are recorded properly, all escape routes are clear and can be opened easily, fire exit signs are located in the correct places and that the automatic fire doors close properly.

Installing the Right Fire Alarm System on the Worksite

There are many different kinds of fire alarm systems that are available in the market. There are conventional fire alarm systems, analogue addressable alarms, two-wire fire alarm systems, wireless fire alarm systems, aspirating smoke detectors, etc. and you must decide on the one that is best suited to protect your worksite.

Removing All Fire Risks

No only should you ensure that your worksite is compliant with the fire safety legislation, you should also minimise the fire risk by identifying the potential fire threats on the construction site. Some commonly found fire hazards are – flammable liquids and vapours, waste and combustible material stored on the site, blocked fire exits, open fire doors, etc.

Training Your Staff for Fire Safety

Ensure that all the workers and people on the worksite undergo fire safety training. This training must address the various criteria such as how the workers must respond in the case of a fire, location of the nearest fire exit and where they should assemble at a safe spot outside the building in the event of a fire. You should carry out periodic fire drills.

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