Simple Steps to Fire Safety

Fire can be hazardous, dangerous and can cause some serious harm to the worksite, assets as well as people working on the premises. Following some very simple steps can go a long way in reducing the hazards of fire and destruction in case of the occurrence of a fire.

Some Simple Steps to Ensure Fire Safety

Safety Signage:  You should install safety signage on the building and work premises that give clear instructions and help people to know what to do and how to evacuate the premises during any fire related emergency. Signage areas must be kept clutter-free, must not be hidden and should be easy to read and understand. Bull Products stock a wide range of safety signage products, and are able to print off custom signs as per your request. To find out more, please contact

Emergency Lighting: In case of a blackout during a fire break out or any other emergency situation, emergency lighting is very important. You should have reliable emergency lighting installed at strategic locations on the worksite which will enable the workers on the premises to move around safely during an emergency.

Fire Safety Training: Training is very important and it is vital to ensure that the people in the workplace have a basic understanding of fire safety procedures and what to do in case of a fire outbreak.

Hardware Upgradation: Technological innovation and advancements have ensured that fire protection procedures and equipment have become very sophisticated. All fire safety equipment and material on the worksite must be upgraded. The equipment must be tested and maintained regularly. Fire alarm systems must be installed on the worksite that warns about where the fire has occurred. And, finally a system can be installed that can contact the fire department automatically in case of a fire outbreak.

Removal of Smoke: During a fire, the smoke that is produced can be quite lethal. It also hampers movement, especially when the people present on the worksite begin to panic during a fire outbreak. In such a scenario, smoke extraction equipment becomes a critical necessity, which must be placed at strategic areas where there is plenty of smoke produced or where there is a likely possibility of a fire breakout.

Fire Doors: A work area should have properly fitted and operational fire doors. Fire doors that are properly installed especially help to stop fires and smoke from spreading. It is important to keep the fire doors unlocked at all times to allow the workers on the worksite to get away from the fire and evacuate the building easily.

When it comes to fire related emergencies on a worksite, heavy damage to the assets and workers can be prevented by following a few simple but key fire safety steps and procedures.

The Cygnus fire safety system and products have been especially designed to safeguard the site, the materials on the worksite and the workforce from such hazardous conditions.