Signs That Show That Your Fire Protection System Needs Updating

When you are selecting a fire alarm system to safeguard your construction site, an ideal system would be one that you can “fit and forget”. However, like everything else, fire alarm systems also have a specified age after which they begin to become less efficient in functioning. Thanks to the latest technological advances in life safety, you can upgrade the fire alarm system that you already have and this can save you a significant amount of money and time. In this article, we will be discussing some signs to look out for that will tell you that your fire alarm system needs upgrading.

Age of Your Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm industry has undergone several changes in the last decade and the various innovations have made fire alarm systems more reliable and efficient. You need to consider the age of your fire alarm system and if you are using a very old one, then maybe it is time that you consider an upgrade.

Business Changes or Changes on Your Construction Site

If your worksite has undergone any major changes that affect the fire code, then you may have to make the necessary modifications in your fire protection system too to mirror those changes. For instance, if the flammable materials have been shifted from one area to another on the worksite, this may require additional protection such as alarm monitoring or additional firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers to ensure that you remain fire code compliant. As a fire protection expert, Cygnus products can help you make the necessary upgrades to your existing fire protection equipment to ensure this compliance.

Frequent Service Calls

If you have been making too many calls to your service engineer to report system malfunctions or you are scheduling services very frequently from your fire protection services, you’re not only spending a lot of money and time but are working with an unreliable fire alarm. If your service calls are becoming more frequent and the fire protection service bills are mounting, you should consider upgrading your fire protection system. All these are signals that your old fire protection system needs upgradation to function efficiently. This will result in reduced maintenance fees and service calls.

Monitoring Services Very High

Often, many businesses are not aware that they are paying very highly to the service company to oversee their fire safety. A simple and inexpensive upgrade of the existing fire protection system can go a long way in savings in the long run. Many businesses are moving to wireless fire monitoring systems that help to save at least around 70% on the service cost every month.

Cygnus products are leaders in the fire protection industry and the top-quality products can definitely help you upgrade your fire protection system offering you superior safety of your workplace and workforce, against the hazards of fire.