Risk of Fire from Demolition Work

Any demolition work occurring on the construction site can pose high risk of fire and explosion, especially when tank structures or buried gas service pipes are being dismantled resulting in the ignition of combustible residue. So, adequate precautions must be taken to protect the site from a fire when such demolition work is going on.

Gas Service Pipes

Usually, there are buried service pipes present on a construction site. The location of these service pipes must be identified when you start any demolition work. This can be done by conducting a survey of the site by using the pipe locating equipment.

Once the pipes are located, they must be disconnected from the main supply by a qualified professional and also all traces of gas must be eliminated completely and a clearance must be given, typically by a representative of the local gas supply company.  Even if the demolition work does not require the removal of the service pipes, they must still be located and isolated to avoid any damage.

Usually, storage drums and tanks contain residue of combustible and flammable materials, and even the tiniest amounts of residue can be hazardous and can result in fires or explosions. This can occur especially in the case of hot work dismantling processes i.e. angle grinding that generates ignition sources or oxyacetylene cutting. Such methods should be employed only after the drum or tank is exhaustively cleaned and declared residue and gas-free by the specialists.

Measures to Be Taken While Cleaning and Freeing Tanks Holding Combustible Residues

The contents of the tanks and the connected pipes should be identified clearly. The tanks and the pipes must be cleaned out thoroughly before the dismantling work begins. Make use of the proper process of dismantling as per the guidelines provided and avoid hot work whenever possible. For example, you can make use of shears that are hydraulically powered instead of processes that generate heat.

By following the stipulated guidelines and taking adequate care and precautions, the sources of ignition can be reduced on the construction site when demolition or dismantling work is happening. To further keep your construction site safe from any fire, you should equip the site with Cygnus’ range of fire prevention and fire protection systems.

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