Reducing Potential Fuel Sources

Any construction site has materials stored of which some can be combustible and hence hazardous in case there is a fire outbreak on the worksite.

Dangerous Substances

The safety of the people on the worksite can be put at risk in case of a fire and explosion due to the presence of dangerous substances on the site. As an employer, you must identify the dangerous substances in the workplace and potential explosion risks.

Adequate measures must be put in place to remove the risks or control them. If there are any incidents involving dangerous substances, then the effects must be reduced. There must be procedures and plans to handle any accidents or emergencies related to dangerous substances.

Ensure that all the workers are informed and are trained to handle the risks associated with dangerous substances on the worksite. The areas where potential explosions may occur on the site must be identified and classified and you should not have any ignition sources in these areas.

Reducing the Quantity of Flammable Material on the Worksite

During the process of construction, many materials are used that are combustible and can burn. If the quantity of such material is decreased on the site, the risk of fire is also reduced. A good way to reduce the risk of fire is to limit the amount of material present on the worksite. Keep the material required for a single shift or for half the day. Return the material that has not been used to the stores when the job is completed.

If the materials to be used for a particular job are flammable or combustible, then try and select alternatives that are least flammable. If the structure of the building itself is flammable, then you must take special precautions to reduce the combustible materials being used. For example, you can divide them into smaller volumes or treat the material with a fire-retardant.

The amount of combustible material on the worksite should be kept to a minimum. You must try and prevent stockpiling such material unless it is an absolute necessity. This can help to ease congestion on the site and also lessen the fire loading.

Changing Flammability of Materials

The flammability of several substances can be altered by construction work, even flame-retardant substances. For example, solid materials produce crumbs, dust, etc. when worked on and can ignite more easily than the solid bulk material. This aspect must be kept in mind when planning fire precautions on construction sites, especially when there is hot work involved.

Many times, it is inevitable that combustible substances are stored on the construction site. This can be quite dangerous. However, by taking adequate precautions, you can safeguard the worksite and your people from the hazards of these substances in the case of a fire. As part of the safety measures, you can install Cygnus fire protection equipment that offers reliable solutions to safeguard your property and people from any fire.