Protecting workers with the Cygnus ExclusionZone Alarm

Establishing exclusion zones on a construction site is key to protecting workers as their lives are still at-risk during operation.

So, what’s the solution?

Our Cygnus ExclusionZone Alarm has been designed for use on construction environments which helps workers or pedestrians keep away from dangerous areas where a plant is being operated or crane and lifting operations are underway. The alarm alerts workers to danger and prevents access into dangerous out-of-bounds locations.

Unlike other exclusion alarms in the market, the ExclusionZone Alarm interfaces directly to the Cygnus Alarm System and can be monitored and/or activated via the control panel where a full history log can be viewed. This ensures a quicker response time to alert the worker of any dangers and ensures they can be notified during out of hours.

BAM partnership leads to project success

We’re proud to have great partnerships with our suppliers, including BAM Construction. Thanks to their support, the alarm has already been rolled out to a number of construction contractors including Kier, Skanska, Wilmot Dixon and Lendlease.

It is being used on some of the biggest projects across the UK including Three Snowhill, the largest office development outside of London which consists of 19 storeys, and Buckingham Green in London, a new luxury apartment development.

BAM Construction is holding a series of events across the UK to celebrate 150 years in business. As part of this, they will be showcasing the ExclusionZone Alarm to customers.







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