Protecting high-rise construction with evacuation alarms

This week, it was revealed that high-rise construction site workers aren’t treating evacuation alarms seriously enough and are “risking their lives” by not responding immediately.[1]

Researchers from the University of Greenwich shockingly found that a third of construction site workers who took part in evacuation trials took almost six minutes to respond to an alarm.

The study also revealed that while 82% knew that an evacuation alarm meant they had to leave immediately, only 49% said their first action is to do so.

With a large amount of high-rise buildings currently being constructed in the UK, it’s vital that workers are trained on the importance of acting quickly in an emergency. After all, a delayed response could be the difference between life and death.


Why is an evacuation alarm important on construction sites?

An evacuation alarm is a vital piece of equipment for construction sites. In an emergency, workers are visually notified through a bright red alarm signal and a warning noise.


How can we improve fire safety and response time?

  • Evacuation trials – By carrying out evacuation trials rather than drills, workers can be put to test in more realistic situations, allowing them to respond and prepare as if it were a real-life emergency.
  • Training – Thorough training will ensure that workers have knowledge of the evacuation process, what to do in an emergency and the importance of responding quickly. By carrying out training, companies can also educate workers on preventing a fire in the first place.
  • Evacuation strategy – By having a fire evaluation strategy that all workers can follow will ensure maximum site safety and improve response time in an emergency.
  • Investing in fire alarms – Investing in a technologically-advanced evacuation alarm system will ensure that high-rise buildings and workers are protected around the clock. Regardless of whether a worker is on the 2nd or 30th floor, an alarm’s signal strength will notify workers immediately.


The Cygnus Alarm System

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System has been designed as a temporary fire alarm system for use on large construction projects, including high-rise buildings.

It is ideal for construction sites and building complexes that are made up of multiple buildings or levels. In the case of temporary installations, for instance, construction sites where the work is in progress, wireless fire alarms can be installed and then removed once the work on the site is finished or moved to another site or part of a building, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution to companies.

The alarms can operate in a maximum of 15 zones with up to 32 devices per zone. It’s capable of controlling all zones from a control panel operating on the same frequency but distinguished by different zone addresses. In the case of a real alarm, the message is communicated to every device within the site, thus providing maximum protection in an emergency ensuring workers can evacuate buildings safely and quickly.

Easily installed and relocated, the alarm system ensures minimal interference to ongoing construction. Bull Products provides full on-site surveys, installation, service, maintenance and training on the Cygnus alarm system.

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