Protecting Aberdeen Harbour expansion with Cygnus

We’re delighted to announce that the Cygnus alarm system is protecting workers during the £350 million expansion of Aberdeen Harbour.

Aberdeen Harbour, one of the UK’s busiest ports, is being transformed to develop new facilities and associated infrastructure at Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbour. During this time, temporary construction, breakwaters, quays and improved access roads will be built.

Working alongside contractor Dragados Group, we have supplied 14 bespoke Cygnus alarm units as well as a control panel and an auto dialler. The system offers an emergency and first aid option to ensure the site and workers are protected from hazards such as malfunctioning machinery or dangerous areas of construction.

Bradley Markham, director, says: “In environments such as the Aberdeen Harbour extension project, there are a variety of hazards that put workers’ lives at risk other than fire. Our alarm system has been adapted to incorporate an emergency and first aid alert, which in the event of dangerous occurrences, workers can be alerted quickly using the Cygnus Emergency Alarm System, ensuring site safety.”

Our Cygnus system has been used on some of the largest construction projects across the world including Crossrail, Waterloo Station, and Battersea Power Station.

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