CYG1 – Cygnus Control Panel

The control panel, which is an optional element, is used to capture data from up to 480 devices situated around a site. This data includes active fire alarms, intruder alerts, first aid alert, heat and smoke detector activations, battery low warning and signal failure. It is capable of holding event logs, so the user can[…]

CYG6 – Cygnus Base Panel

The CYG6 Cygnus base panel has been developed as the control panel, ideal for smaller construction sites. It is an optional element into the Cygnus system, and is used to capture data. This wireless alarm panel can be used in conjunction with other Cygnus control panels but has reduced networking capability and can support up[…]

CYG2 – Cygnus Call Point Alarm

The Cygnus fire call point alarm operates using a single battery pack and can be used externally. This radio alarm device has also been designed as a standalone alarm unit. These devices are normally situated around a site in prominent places on main escape routes, stairwells and on, or near fire points where they are[…]

CYG3L – Cygnus Lithium Heat Detector

Cygnus lithium heat detectors are an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects. These highly tested and extremely quality detectors work in the radio mesh like any other device and will help transmit and receive all other radio messages from other alarms[…]

CYG4L – Cygnus Lithium Smoke Detector

Cygnus lithium smoke detectors have an optical smoke sensor and are an integral part of the system, providing essential detection in and out of working hours on all types of construction projects. Optical smoke detectors work using the light scatter principle. The detector changes to alarm state at a pre-set threshold of smoke penetration into[…]

CYG5 – Cygnus First Aid Alert Point

The Cygnus first aid alert point has been designed to operate differently from all other types of alerts and alarms. Once triggered the fi rst aid alert will beep intermittently every 8seconds at 85 decibels. The control panel notifies the user the exact location within a zone where the alarm has been triggered. This helps[…]

CYGDI – Cygnus Detector Interface

The Cygnus detector interface has been purposely built for use with the ALMWS01 smoke, ALMWS02 heat and ALMWS04 CO detectors. These detectors are radio linked and are designed to work in groups of up to eleven detectors per interface. The interface module can be assigned to a zone and has an individual unit number like[…]

CYGIOU – Cygnus Input/ Output Unit

The Cygnus input/output unit has been designed for interfacing with other fire systems, turnstile gate entry systems and door release systems. In the case of an alarm activation, the interface will trigger the door release and will deactivate the turnstile so a quick evacuation can be made to the assembly point. Where a site has[…]

PIR – PIR Intruder Sensor

The PIR functionality is available on all Cygnus alarms. This additional feature helps utilise fire, first aid alarms, and detectors for intruder activities. PIR works with the CYG1-GSM/GPRS control panel and sends users an SMS text alert should an intrusion occur. Alerts can also be sent to a third party monitoring station. The sensors are[…]

CYHF/FP4 – CTEC Control Panel – 4 Zone

The CYHF Control Panel is fully certified to EN54 parts 2 and 4. This is a conventional panel but can also be linked into the Cygnus fire alarm system using the Cygnus input / output interface unit. This allows the Cygnus system on site to communicate to the wireless alarm system fitted within a Temporary[…]

CYHF/EM – Wireless Expander Module (Requires Power Supply)

The CYHF/EM Expander Module is an input output device which is compatible with all CYHF Wireless translators. The unit increases the radio strength and communication beyond a single translator by relaying the radio messages to further expanders devices or directly to the wireless detectors, call points or sounder/ beacons. Using the Expander functionality it is[…]

CYHF/S – Wireless Detector Sounder Base

The CYHF/S wireless sounder base unit has a fully compliant sounder in accordance with EN54:3. This base is aesthetically pleasing and is designed for ceiling or wall mount applications depending on the need of a wireless detector or simply just a sounder cover if a detector is not required. Each wireless detector sounder base unit[…]

CYHF/S/B – Wireless Detector Sounder & Beacon Base

The CYHF/S/B sounder and beacon base unit is a wireless device which provides a fully compliant sounder warning in accordance with EN54:3 and a visual indicator with a flashing LED beacon. This device is aesthetically pleasing and is designed for ceiling or wall mount depending on the need of a wireless detector or simply just[…]

CG01 – Cygnus Protective Cage

Bull Products have designed and developed an enclosure cage for the CYG2 Cygnus fire alarm product range. This protective cage help prevent vandalism, accidental damage, misuse and even theft. It is very important to protect these fire and first aid alarm units as these are devices and equipment that we all depend on. These alarm[…]

ALMWS01 – Smoke Detector

The ALMWS01 radio link smoke detectors are an alternative solution to the Cygnus smoke detectors. These economical detectors are not linked into the Cygnus radio mesh and are not addressable into the system. They are linked into the Cygnus system by way of the CYGDI3 detector interface. The interface can control up to 11 smoke,[…]