Optimum site safety with the Cygnus Control Panel

A fire on a construction site is one of the greatest dangers to workers, with around 11 fires breaking out on a construction site every day.

The solution is simple. Investing in temporary and wireless fire alarm systems that can be located around a construction site to offer maximum safety.

Cygnus Wireless Alarm System  

Our Cygnus alarm system has been designed and developed in conjunction with major construction companies to incorporate all features required for larger construction projects needing temporary fire alarm systems.

It is ideal for construction sites and building complexes that are made up of multiple buildings. In the case of temporary installations, for instance, construction sites where the work is in progress, wireless fire alarms can be installed and then removed once the work on the site is finished, or moved to another site, providing a cost-effective and flexible solution to companies.

Fully compliant and covering impressive distances, our alarm system is currently protecting some of the largest construction projects in the UK, including 22 Bishopsgate, Crossrail Tunnels and Battersea Power Station.


The Cygnus Control Panel

The Cygnus Control Panel is an optional diagnostic element which can be added into any Cygnus system. It is ideally suited for larger projects, whether it’s two adjacent buildings that need protecting or the construction of a high-rise building.

Combining simple installation and user control with optimum performance, the control panel is able to capture data from up to 480 devices, constantly relaying data to the user from these devices situated around a site. It tracks activity such as active fire alarms, intruder alerts, first aid emergencies, heat and smoke detector activation’s, battery low warning and signal failure.

Our control panel can hold event logs so the user can go back to an event to find the accurate date and time of any alert. The data can be viewed or downloaded, making it easier for health and safety managers to manage risks and improve site safety for workers.

Additionally, the panel features an evacuate site function which can be used in case of emergency to clear the site of all employees and contractors in case of fire or any other emergency that may arise.

Another key element within the system is the intruder alert functionality which deters potential burglars and can be used to switch intruder sensors on and off.

Our Cygnus alarm system uses the latest technology and can be pre-configured beforehand for a smooth installation on site. To find out more about the Cygnus alarms and the Cygnus Control Panel, contact Bull Products on 01432 371170 or email the team at enquiries@bullproducts.co.uk