Newfoundland Quay skyscraper protected by 100 Cygnus alarms

The team is proud to have supplied more than 100 of our Cygnus alarm systems to Newfoundland Quay in London.

Newfoundland Quay currently stands at 220 metres, making it one of the tallest buildings in London. Once complete, it will feature more than 600 private rented apartments, retail space and residential amenities.

Sub-contractors, Wingate Electrical, have previously invested in the Cygnus alarm system during the construction of One Blackfriars. Therefore, Wingate was able to repurpose some of the alarm units, thus providing a cost-effective and flexible solution.

Spanning across 60 floors, a total of 100 Cygnus units and several control panels have been installed on site to protect the whole building.

Director Bradley Markham, says: “Due to the innovation of our alarm system, it can be moved from site to site as projects finish providing a viable investment for big construction sites that are under increasing pressure to cut costs.

“We are proud to be protecting some of the biggest residential developments in London and growing our presence further in the market.”

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