Maximising fire safety in 2020 with Cygnus

Construction sites present complex circumstances when it comes to fire protection, with lots of potential risks and hazards onsite, with over 400 reported construction site fires in 2017 alone.[1]

To maximise fire safety on your site in 2020, a wireless alarm system is crucial to…

…Give adequate warning

The HSE advises that a temporary system must be set up onsite to alert workers in the case of an emergency, with a warning that needs to be “distinctive, audible above other noise and recognisable by everyone”.[2]

The Cygnus alarm features 110dB sounders and LED beacons to ensure the alerts are audible over other noise onsite.

…Overcome signal obstacles

In construction environments where there are potential signal obstacles, such as steel, it is important that your alarm system can overcome these obstructions to offer advanced protection for both the workers and the site.

…Adapt to the demands of larger sites

The alarms can operate in up to 15 different zones with up to 32 devices per zone, enabling them to effectively protect large or high-rise construction sites. Controlled by one control panel, the system features a cause and effect evacuation, allowing different personnel in each zone to escape in a controlled manner at different times, reducing the risks of trips and other accidents. The system is also temporary and can  be moved around the site with ease as it changes or grows offering a time and cost effective solution.

…Offer a first aid alarm

When there is a high number of workers onsite that may be at risk of injury, the need for a first aid alarm is even greater. When triggered, the Cygnus First Aid Alert Point alarm beeps intermittently every 8 seconds, while the control panel notifies a first aider of the exact location within the zone where the alert has been raised.

…Offer out of hours protection

A further key element of the system is the intruder alert functionality. This deters potential burglars and can be used to switch intruder sensors on and off, offering maximum out of hours protection – a feature that is particularly important for construction projects in densely populated areas, such as London city centre.

 …Ensure minimal interruption onsite

The Cygnus system can be installed in just minutes, meaning there is minimal interference to any ongoing construction. In addition, the wireless system ensures there are no trailing cables therefore reducing the risk of trips. To make installation even simpler, the alarm system can be pre-configured prior to delivery with clearly marked labels on each device, and a plan which indicates the location where the device needs to be fixed, making installation a simple procedure for a site labourer.


Contact us today for more information about the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System and how it can maximise fire safety for your site in 2020.