Maximise high-rise fire safety with the Cygnus alarm system

By 2025, around 541 new high-rise buildings will be constructed in London[1], but these developments bring with them high risks for employees, including the breakout of fires and managing those fire risks.

Construction companies and employees must be aware of the fire risks of working on the construction of high-rise buildings, and more importantly, how to implement fire safety solutions to ensure health and safety isn’t compromised.

There are many health and safety challenges on high-rise construction sites, including a higher volume of workers and delayed response times during an evacuation.

So, how can we overcome these challenges?

  • Invest in fire alarms – As sites develop, the need for fire safety becomes even more important. In high-rise construction, workers are often located on different floors and need to be able to quickly alert others if a fire breaks out.
  • Trial the evacuation process – By carrying out evacuation trials rather than drills, workers have to react in more realistic situations, allowing them to respond and prepare as if it were a real-life emergency.
  • Increase training – Thorough training ensures workers are aware of how to respond if a fire was to occur, how to alert others in an emergency and the steps they need to take to prevent a fire in the first place.

Maximising fire safety with the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System is the ideal solution to protect the construction of high-rise buildings, as it can be connected to multiple buildings or levels, without the worry of hazardous cables and wires.

The alarms can operate in a maximum of 15 zones with up to 32 devices per zone. The Cygnus system is capable of controlling all zones from a control panel operating on the same frequency but distinguished by different zone addresses. In the case of a real alarm, the message is communicated to every device within the site, thus providing maximum protection in an emergency ensuring workers can evacuate buildings safely and quickly.

Easily installed and relocated, the alarm system ensures minimal interference to ongoing construction. The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System has been installed on several high-rise construction projects in London this year, including South Quay Plaza and Wardian London.

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