Keeping Your Workplace Safe with Cygnus Lithium Heat Detector and Cygnus Lithium Smoke Detector

Your workplace is of paramount importance and keeping it safe 24×7 is a matter of prime concern. Irrespective of the kind of building or the nature of your business, the right kind of smoke and heat detection products are crucial to ensure the safety of the site as well as people working on it.

At Cygnus Alarms, we are continually working tirelessly to bring you the latest technology that will safeguard your workplace and ensure that you stay protected all the time. It is our constant endeavour to bring you innovative and state-of-the-art, quality fire and first aid products that take utmost care of your area of work, your workforce and your site project.

Two products from our product line, the Cygnus Lithium Heat Detector –  CYG3L and Cygnus Lithium Smoke Detector – CYG4L, have been designed to assure you of the safety of your work area and people, and also reduce damage in case of a fire.

Cygnus Lithium Heat Detector (CYG3L)

  • The CYG3L has been designed for use where smoke detectors are not suitable or cannot be used.
  • It is the most reliable and inexpensive solution where you are looking for protection and safety of your work site and property.
  • Cygnus lithium heat detectors provide crucial detection, monitoring at all times and are suitable for all kinds of construction projects.
  • Cygnus lithium heat detectors have passed through a rigorous quality testing process that assures you of the highest quality product.

How Does the CYG3L Work?

  • The CYG3L system uses a matched pair of thermistors to sense heat. While one thermistor is exposed to the ambient temperature, the other one is sealed.
  • Both the thermistors are at the same temperature under normal conditions.
  • However, in case of a fire, the temperature of the exposed thermistor rises rapidly.
  • The imbalance between the temperatures of both thermistors causes the detector to sound off an alarm.
  • The newly introduced feature, GSM functionality from the GSM panel assures that your workplace is protected round-the-clock.
  • The Cygnus lithium heat detector comes with an 85 decibel sounder.
  • Cygnus lithium heat detectors can work in a radio mesh and can transmit as well as receive radio messages from other alarms thereby ensuring site-wide coverage and safety.

Cygnus Lithium Smoke Detector (CYG4L)

  • Cygnus lithium smoke detectors are designed to protect your property and people.
  • The state-of-the-art CYG4L smoke detector has been designed to provide quick and accurate detection of fires.
  • It generates an alarm much before the development of a fire, as every second is critical in case of a fire.
  • The CYG4L has an optical smoke sensor and is a very essential part of all kinds of construction projects.

How Does the CYG4L Work?

  • The Cygnus Lithium Smoke Detector works on the principle of light scattering.
  • When the pre-set threshold of smoke penetration into the sensing chamber is reached, the alarm of the smoke detector is sounded.
  • The CYG4L comes along with an 85 decibel sounder.

Heat and smoke detectors are absolute essentials of construction site projects and the Cygnus CYG3L and CYG4L are designed to help you mitigate such risks as they’re designed through continuous research and feedback from our customers.