How to Choose the Right Wireless Fire Alarm?

Fire alarms are very crucial life-saving devices that become a necessity in case of a fire related emergency. Outbreak of fire can be life-threatening not only putting the lives of people on the worksite in danger, but also damaging the premises and assets on the worksite too. Hence, choosing the right fire alarm for your worksite is a very critical decision. Some key factors that must be considered before making a choice of a fire alarm are:

Which fire alarm system is most cost-effective? Which alarm system is best suited for your worksite? Over time, which alarm system will provide the best performance?

Here, we will take a look at the main kinds of fire alarms available and outline the benefits of each.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

Conventional alarms have been in use for several years. Earlier, these were 4-wire alarm systems that used different circuits for the detectors and sounders. However, in recent times, these are now available as 2-wire alarm systems in which both the detectors as well as the sounders make use of the same common cables.

Features of Conventional Fire Alarms

Small Area: Conventional wired alarm systems are great for workplaces that are small. Since a general zone where the fire has occurred is highlighted on the fire panel, it is difficult to pinpoint where the fire has occurred if the worksite is very complicated.  Hence, conventional alarms are ideal for small and simple layouts.

Lower Cost: Conventional fire alarms are quite cost effective, especially if the area to be covered is very small.

Reliable: Conventional wired alarms are quite reliable.

Addressable or Intelligent Fire Alarms

These alarm systems are usually quite sophisticated when compared to conventional alarm systems, as they are computerised.

Features of Addressable Fire Alarms

Affordable: Addressable fire alarms were earlier used in larger establishments until quite recently. Due to advancements in technology, these alarm systems have become quite affordable and cost effective to install even in smaller premises.

Flexible: Addressable alarm systems are quite flexible to install and use. They can be programmed as per the particular location requirements. You can also alter or expand the system if the layout of the building is altered or changed over time.

Specific Point Detection: The specific location of the fire is indicated in the control panel as each and every device individually reports to the control panel. This helps to respond quickly in case of a fire, thus reducing the damage due to fire.

Simple Maintenance: Since the system has the facility to record the details of each detection point, the alarm system is easy to repair and maintain as the control panel indicates specifically the part that requires repairing.

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

In recent years, wireless fire alarms have become increasingly popular as they do not require any wires. Wireless systems can be completely radio or hybrid types which is a combination of wired and radio alarm systems.

Features of Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Reliable: Wireless fire alarms are completely reliable. They run on a separate frequency that is not interrupted by the frequencies of other devices.

Cost Effective: Wireless alarms are cost effective since the cost is reduced as there is no requirement of cables and wires and also because of reduced times for installation.

No Cables: Wireless fire alarms are especially beneficial for worksites and buildings as they do not make use of cables and they can be moved around the workplace as and when required.

Convenience: Not only can wireless alarms be moved around from one area to another on the worksite, they can also be removed and used on a new worksite once work is completed.

While all types of fire alarms basically share the same function of warning and protection against fire, each alarm type has its own characteristics, which makes one more beneficial than the other. Ultimately, the choice of the fire alarm depends on the type of premises, the coverage required and type of protection needed.

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