How Do Wireless Fire Detectors Work?

If you’ve always had wired fire detectors, you might not understand how wireless detectors work. Having a basic understanding of these devices can help you to make an educated decision about which system you want to install in your building or construction project.

Wireless fire alarm systems work by connecting several devices, including smoke alarms and mobile phones via GSM capability, in order to ensure that everybody is alerted as quickly as possible about any danger. The alarms work somewhat like your mobile phone – signals are communicated via radio frequency waves.

The Cygnus wireless system is much easier to install than a wired system, which may cause people to believe it must be of a lesser quality than wired alarms. However, it is simply that less work is involved when installing the equipment, helping you to cut maintenance costs while budgeting for your company. Wired fire alarms are normally installed in a building while it is being built or renovated, since it must be connected to the building’s electrical system. A wireless system, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be wired up to anything, which means you can purchase once and set it up whenever you choose without worrying about any inconvenience. When the project is finished you can easily remove the system, and use it on the next project, cutting down on costs.

If you’re concerned about a wireless system interfering with other devices and causing unwanted noise, fear not. They are designed to be silent in this regard, and you won’t experience any interference from neighbouring systems either.

Much like wired fire alarms, wireless alarms must be tested regularly to ensure they are still operating as necessary. You should test them at least once a week, although many individuals choose to carry out tests on a more regular basis at a suitable time of day. Most alarms will signal with a noise when the batteries are running low and need to be changed.

Wireless construction fire alarms generally last for around 10 years, so once you’ve purchased your system, it’ll be a while before you need to replace it. A lot of them come with 1-year or 3-year warranties, giving you peace of mind and fewer things to worry about.

By using an interconnected wireless fire system for your company, one alarm will trigger all the others, meaning everybody will hear the detector no matter which part of the site they are on.