Guide to Fire Risk Assessment for Your Worksite

The fire safety legislations require that every business and construction site should carry out a Fire Risk Assessment or FRA. The FRA applies to all businesses employing 5 or more people, which includes part-time employees, worksites that have public visitors, landlords of HMO properties and landlords with control of the business premises and self-employed people with a business premises.

Fire Risk Assessment

What Is the FRA?

An FRA that is usually done at your work or business premises evaluates the layout and size of the site, the age and condition of the worksite, the materials present, identifying the potential fire risks, combustible materials on the site, sources of ignition and emergency exits in the case of a fire.

The FRA should also cover aspects such as the number of people working on the site, existing signage for fire safety, current protocols for prevention and management of fire, condition and maintenance of fire safety equipment on the worksite, safety training and fire drills.

When the FRA is completed, a report must be produced. This report should list out the areas that are not in accordance with the guidelines and needs immediate attention. The report should also have the recommendations for improvements in the fire safety provisions. The FRA also ensures that all regulatory requirements are met.

Who Can Carry out an FRA?

An FRA can be done by any person who is qualified to do so. In case there is no in-house health and safety officer who can do the FRA, then you can employ a BAFE registered organization to conduct the assessment for you.

How Long Is the FRA Valid?

An FRA does not have an expiry date. Nevertheless, as the owner of the business premises, you should review the FRA report periodically and ensure that it is up-to-date. A new FRA is needed if there have been any modifications made to the material of the building, if there have been any significant changes to the layout or contents of the building since the last FRA or if there are any major changes in the fire hazard precautions.

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