Fire Prevention Versus Fire Protection

When you are the owner of any kind of property, be it residential, commercial or a construction site, the main concern is to keep the property as well as the people on the premises safe from the dangers of fire. So the main concern is determining the method that is most suitable for this purpose- fire prevention or fire protection.

Fire Prevention

Fire prevention is all about preventing any fire outbreak and hence any damage due to fire. You can take some basic precautions and follow a few steps that can help in preventing a fire.

Performing a Risk Assessment

You must identify the weak areas that make your premises prone to the risk of fire. You can strengthen and improve these areas and this can go a long way in preventing a fire.

Educating Workers About Fire Prevention

Ensure that all the people on the worksite take fire safety as a serious issue and do not indulge in activities that are fire hazards such as smoking indoors, leaving any fires unattended, activities causing power overloading, etc. By increasing the knowledge and awareness about these dangers, you can reduce the risk of fire outbreak due to human error.

Building the Worksite to Resist Proliferation of Fire

Modern construction techniques recommend installing concrete walls and the use of fire curtains to stop fires from occurring and in the case of a fire outbreak help to restrict the blaze from spreading and causing damage. These practices ensure that the fire protection system is more efficient at putting out the fire before there is too much of damage.

Adhering to Fire Regulations

A very important aspect of fire prevention is to follow the guidelines for regular inspection and testing of the fire protection equipment on the work premises. Proper installation is a crucial step. Also, failing to test the equipment can result in a sprinkler, smoke detector or fire extinguisher not working in case of an emergency which can be hazardous.

Fire Protection

The idea of protecting your worksite or home from fire means taking adequate measures to safeguard the property in case of a fire-related emergency. Fire protection ensures that the building or premises have a setup which can help to fight a fire in case of an outbreak. Find below some fire protection steps that can be taken.

Installing Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

The main concern of fire protection is to ensure that the workers and other people on the premises are safe. This is why smoke detectors and fire alarms are the building blocks of any efficient fire protection system. These devices help to detect smoke, heat and trigger an alarm so that all people on the premises can be evacuated to safety.

Installing Systems for Fire Suppression

The next major concern is to halt the spread of fire and limit the damage to the property and assets to the minimum. A comprehensive fire suppression system includes fire sprinklers that can help to put out growing flames till help arrives, hand-held fire extinguishers that can help to douse a small, controllable blaze before it goes out of hand, and an automatic commercial suppression systems to extinguish high-temperature blazes.

In short, both fire prevention, as well as fire protection, is vital for an all-encompassing fire safety plan. Both these systems go hand-in-hand in protecting any worksite or property from the ravages of fire.

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