CYHF/S – Wireless Detector Sounder Base

CYHFS Wireless Detector Sounder BaseThe CYHF/S wireless sounder base unit has a fully compliant sounder in accordance with EN54:3. This base is aesthetically pleasing and is designed for ceiling or wall mount applications depending on the need of a wireless detector or simply just a sounder cover if a detector is not required.

Each wireless detector sounder base unit has 32 recognised sounder tones in accordance with EN54:3 and in addition, also has 3 levels of volume adjustment to suit many different applications, all of which can be easily configured.

This device is fully compliant to EN54:3 & EN54:25 and can be used in any application. Where there is a need on a construction site to comply to JCOP for alarms in TAU’s, these devices are the perfect solution.