Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarm System Review

Cygnus was launched in 2014 after construction site projects began to search for a cost-effective and wireless fire alarm system. Over the last couple of years, it has progressed to such an extent that there are now systems reliable enough to be used time and time again, cutting down on purchase costs of new safety equipment.

The Cygnus system is 3rd party tested to ensure a reliable system that will enable your site project to run smoothly, and efficiently. Leaving you to focus on construction, rather than management.

The wireless fire alarm is a fully addressable system, so every single alarm will be wirelessly connected to one control panel. You can add up to 480 addressable devices, and you will be able to easily identify which one was triggered in the case of a fire. The user has the opportunity to create up to fifteen different zones, making it ideal for large buildings with many floors. Thankfully with so many devices, you are able to name them appropriately, enabling you to see where a call of action has taken place.

The units can be easily installed even if you don’t have any previous experience with wireless fire systems. A user-friendly guide will give you all the instructions, while the display and menus are easy to navigate and set up. By using your computer, you can add descriptions of locations, and at any time, you can choose to add wireless panels in order to further increase the range of the system. Causes and effects can be programmed into the system if you desire, helping to minimise the risk of any errors or false alarms.

The control panel is the main hub for the system. From here, you can control the system yourself and find information about which alarm was triggered. The sensors, or fire alarms, can be placed around the building in suitable places of your choice, and you can have up to 480 of these connected to just one control panel. Units can be situated near exits, doors and stairs to allow people to manually trigger the fire alarms in an emergency.

You can choose to add other devices to the fire system such as first aid call points. Since the Cygnus system is such an expandable system, it is ideal for construction sites of any size. With useful outputs to keep it going even when you’re out of the project, you can relax for the weekend knowing that your wireless system is in full control keeping your business safe and secure.