Cygnus Wireless Alarm System – Your Questions Answered

This week, we caught up with our technical director, Giles Hemmings, who tells us more about the history of the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, its key features and benefits to the construction industry.

Where did the term ‘Cygnus’ originate from?

The Cygnus Wireless Alarm System has been named after the constellation Cygnus A which was discovered in 1951 as one of the strongest radio sources in the sky. This galaxy was found to be 500 million light years away and was a fantastic discovery.

It showed that the process that causes the radio waves to be given off must be colossally powerful, or we would never be able to detect them so far away. In fact, the radiation from Cygnus A is about a million times as powerful as that discovered from the milky way by Jansky. Galaxies which are strong sources of radio waves are called radio galaxies and many have been found since the discovery of Cygnus A.

Incidentally, the constellation Cygnus is formed in a swan shape. The name and logo are symbols of:

  • Excellence (stars are symbols of achievements)
  • Signal strength/signal distance (the radio waves which reach us from Cygnus have travelled 500 million light years!)
  • Reliability/longevity (radio waves have been pulsing from Cygnus since before time).


In simple terms, can you explain how the Cygnus alarm system works from set-up to project start date to completion?

When orders are placed, they are often shipped out the same day (larger orders make take slightly longer). Bull Products can pre-configure your Cygnus system, so you don’t have to plug a cable in to configure it yourself.

When the order arrives on site, the user just unpackages and installs it in the required locations and powers the system on. As sites evolve during construction, Cygnus has been designed to be easily relocated or pre-configured new devices can be added to the network by simply powering them on. Once the project is complete, the devices can be removed and stored ready for your next project. Bull Products provides a service to store customer stock for you too.


What are the key features of the Cygnus alarm system?

  • Rated IP65 for outdoor use.
  • Rugged design for construction sites.
  • Manual call points with sounders and beacons, first aid emergency call points, intruder PIR notifications and exclusion zoning for lifting operations.
  • Bull Products can also provide bespoke solutions to customers on request.


What are the Cygnus system’s capabilities? (i.e. is it a smoke/heat detector/evacuation alarm, first aid alert?)

Cygnus is an evacuation alarm with options for smoke and heat detectors, sounders with beacons, first aid alert call points and PIR security sensors. The Cygnus Fire Call Point and First Aid Alarm also boasts the first aid functionality for first aid emergencies.


Can you share the key features of the Control Panel?

The control panel has an LCD display with LEDs and buttons for control and indication. It is wall mountable and has a rugged enclosure. Functionality allows the user to make custom configuration of devices on the network, enter test modes, view and clear alarms and monitor faults such as low battery warnings.


What are the three key benefits for construction sites?

  • Reliable wireless communication using a mesh network for long ranges.
  • High performance in demanding environments such as steel reinforced concrete buildings.
  • Easy to operate and add devices as demanding construction sites evolve.


How easy is the Cygnus alarm system to install?

The alarms can be installed within minutes. Each device must be programmed with the site key first and configured using the Windows configuration application. Each device is mounted to a wall using four screws. The installer must ensure that a good signal is present for the wireless network to operate correctly. Once the control panel is powered on, all devices are available to be monitored and controlled.


Can I move it to another site if I need to?

Yes, all devices on the system can easily be moved to another site quickly and easily.


How many devices can be linked to the control panel?

A maximum of 480 wireless devices can be connected in a system, including the control panel.


Can it be hardwired?

The system is completely wireless, apart from the mains power adapter for powering the control panel. The control panel has a backup battery in case the mains power fails.


To find out more about the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System, take a look at our videos here.