Cygnus to protect Crossrail Tunnels until completion of project

One of Europe’s largest infrastructure projects will be protected by the Cygnus alarm system, ensuring the safety of workers at all hours.

This £15 billion project will deliver 10 new stations across London including Paddington, Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road, accommodating over 200 million passengers each year.

When installing tracks across a 26-mile tunnel, an alarm with high signal strength and connectivity was necessary to protect workers onsite around the clock.

The Cygnus alarm system has provided the ideal solution for this project thanks to its strong radio signal, long-range connectivity and power to overcome signal obstacles.

Due to changing customer needs, the Cygnus system has been undergoing some development to improve functionality, battery life as well as the addition of a smoke and heat detector.

Director, Bradley Markham, says: “The Crossrail project will completely transform the infrastructure in London. But with that comes a lot of risks and challenges that workers face on a daily basis such as fires breaking out and intruders accessing the site out of hours. We are delighted that our alarm system has been installed to offer maximum safety as the project progresses.”

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