Cygnus protects next phase of University of Brighton development

We are excited to announce that the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System has been chosen to protect the next phase of the University of Brighton development.

In partnership with one of the leading construction companies, Bouygues, the multi-million-pound development is the university’s largest campus.

Due for completion in 2021, the new phase will include five new halls of residence with over 800 student bedrooms, new fitness and social facilities and a students’ union.

We have supplied the Cygnus Control Panel, Cygnus Fire Call Point Alarm and the Cygnus Fire Call Point & First Aid Alarm. The control panel features a cause and effect evacuation, which allows different personnel in each zone to escape in a controlled manner at different times, thus reducing accidents and trips during an escape.

The Cygnus Fire Call Point & First Aid Alarm is an ideal solution when there is a high number of workers on site that may be at risk of injury, and therefore, the need for a first aid alarm is greater.

This alarm operates differently to a fire alarm so as to distinguish the type of alarm being raised. The first aid alert alarm connects to the Cygnus Wireless Alarm System and notifies first aiders immediately of any incident and its location, thus providing maximum protection in an emergency.

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