Cygnus Protects Denmark’s New Niels Bohr Buildings


Cygnus is on yet another renowned project in Europe – the Niels Bohr Buildings in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This complex project is the new home for the Faculty of Science at University of Copenhagen. The buildings have a very iconic design thanks to a glass façade which consists of custom made ‘pixels’ that have been designed specifically to a geometry pattern which plays with the daylight. The project straddles Jagtvej, one of Copenhagen’s main thoroughfare and is connected by a skywalk from 3rd storey and an underground tunnel.

European company Sweco is the construction manager and OHS coordinator for this project (with a total space of 52,000 m2 dispersed over two buildings) which is being implemented through 10 multi-trade contracts.

The Cygnus wireless fire alarm system provides fire protection throughout the site; for both workers and property. There are over 140 Cygnus units installed across both sites that are all on one system which is split into 14 zones with the main Cygnus control panel being based in the site office. There are 16 fire point trolleys with mobile detection devices; 11 with heat and 5 with smoke detectors. Despite the site being split in two by the main road, the Cygnus system has no problem communicating due to the systems intelligent and reliable meshing protocol; there’s even a Cygnus call point or two in the underground tunnel that connects the buildings.

Prior to the installation of the Cygnus system, two of our guys joined client Lindpro to carry out Cygnus alarm training with their team on site in Copenhagen.

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