Cygnus Fire Alarms for Construction Sites

Construction and building sites are very important areas where threats of fire hazards must be minimized and having an efficient early warning system is of utmost importance. Any construction site has many inflammable substances that are potentially dangerous to both the property as well as the people working on the site. Investing in a fire alarm system that is not only reliable but also compliant with all regulations is the number one concern for all construction companies.

In the case of a fire, it is very foolish to depend on human response alone which is especially not effective in the case of large-scale construction or building projects. This is where wireless fire alarm systems play a key role and can help minimize injury and damage to people and property. Cygnus wireless fire alarm systems are suitable for use in construction projects small and big alike.

Features of Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarms:

  • Cygnus wireless fire alarm systems are easy to install and synchronize, and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • 480 units can be linked across 15 different zones on a construction worksite. A zone can accommodate up to 32 units.
  • Individual units can be either smoke detectors, heat detectors or fire alarm call points.
  • Cygnus systems are designed and customized according to the customer’s requirements. The various zones are marked clearly and alarm identification numbers are printed on every device.
  • The wireless systems have a control panel that is optional, which provides an event log function and can record significant incidents such as low battery warning, signal faults and alarm activation. These events are also stored in the history folder on the panel and can be viewed whenever required.
  • Cygnus systems have an evacuate function that acts as a call point to the rest of the alarm units in case of a fire or any emergency that requires immediate evacuation.
  • Every unit in the wireless alarm system is accompanied by a battery pack that has a 2-year life and the category 1 wireless radio frequency ensures maximum connection range.
  • Site alarms communicate with each other using the mesh network that enables both point-to-point as well as multipoint access.
  • The addressing system is designed to minimize clashes within a zone and features a wide coverage area.
  • The Cygnus system does not directly communicate with the panel; instead it can send messages via other devices to the panel. Huge areas can be covered easily, thanks to the radio meshing system.
  • Every unit in the system provides information to the panel at regular intervals and this information shows that the unit is present in the network and the battery status of each device is also noted. This “heart beat” information is monitored by the control panel.
  • All call points in the alarm system are IP65 rated for protection against water and all units have internal sounders for the purpose of alerts during an emergency.
  • The system also has an option where a pager or an auto dialler can be connected to alert a mobile or landline in case of a fire.
  • Cygnus wireless fire alarm systems can be easily reinstalled and reused on future projects and construction sites, considerably cutting down the costs on fire safety on future developments.

Cygnus wireless alarm systems are a very comprehensive system which has been designed to provide top-notch quality performance and reliability. These alarm systems enable your business to run smoothly, safely and securely.