Cygnus Enhances Safety With Site Security Technology

The Cygnus wireless alarm range has incorporated a new product that allows for heightened out-of-hours protection to ensure a safer site around the clock.

The new 3G Auto Dialler allows site managers to programme up to nine phone numbers of responsible persons in an emergency who are then notified by SMS if an activation or intrusion has occurred.

The auto dialler can be accessed through an individual’s phone (iOS and Android) using the GSM Auto Dialler Programming App.

The app allows individuals to programme and initiate certain actions easily from their phone including turning the dialler on and off remotely and selecting all or just some of the nine emergency contacts to be called according to which input has been triggered.

When the system is triggered, the recipients will get a notification to state when the system was activated, what type of activation has triggered the system, and if it initiated from a unit or the control panel.

Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products, said: “It is estimated that the construction industry suffers a loss of more than £400 million a year due to vandalism and theft.[1] Therefore it is crucial that site managers embrace technology to ensure construction sites are protected around the clock.

“Our GSM auto dialler offers total peace of mind, enhances site security, and ensures a quicker response time, mean

ing you’re more likely to identify the cause of the alarm, whether it be a fire, first aid or intrusion emergency before damage has been done.”

The GSM auto dialler system and app can be used in conjunction with Cygnus wireless alarm systems if they are incorporated with the Cygnus Control Panel. For more information, contact our team on 01432 371170

[1] 1 D.Edwards, Plant and equipment theft: a practical guide,2007.