Cygnus Alarms Attract Construction Attention At UK Construction Week

The full range of Cygnus alarms was exhibited by Bull Products at the UK Construction Week at the NEC. Portable and completely wireless, the Cygnus system has proved itself to be a great asset to all types of construction projects; from house building to high-rise developments with a lot more in between.

We had visitors from all over the construction industry, one stated “ah, I’ve seen your alarm’s on site, they’re very effective” and another said “you don’t even need to sell to me, I love the Cygnus system!” These testimonials say a lot; if you couple a highly effective product with Bull’s first class service this is what you’ll get; a compliant site and peace of mind.

If you attended this event but missed us, please contact us by email and we’ll be more than happy to come and meet you to carry out a demo of our products.