Cost of Installing a Fire Alarm System

The importance of fire prevention and protection cannot be undermined and is an essential component in keeping your property as well as your people safe and secure. A very important factor to consider when installing a fire alarm system is the cost.

The cost of installing a fire alarm system depends on two main factors i.e. the compliance requirements and how many devices are connected to the alarm system. However, the cost to install the fire alarm system is not restricted to these two factors alone. More criteria come into play and we will look at these factors that finally determine the price tag for the installation of any fire alarm system.

Type of Worksite and Code Compliance

The complexity of any fire alarm installation depends on the layout and type of premises. A workplace with an open fire alarm system will cost less than that which has several rooms. The local, as well as the national codes, also lay down certain requirements and this has a major bearing on the cost of a fire alarm system installation.

Number of Devices

90 percent of the cost can be attributed to buying and installing new fire alarm devices. However, you do not require new devices for all fire alarm installations. Existing equipment can be used again if the new alarm system and the devices are compatible and are in good condition. Using existing devices in a new installation can help to reduce the overall costs significantly.

Conventional System vs Addressable Fire Alarm System

Conventional fire alarm systems are less expensive than addressable systems and generally cost 25% less. However, addressable alarm systems have the capability of identifying every device’s individual location and point across the entire worksite. In the case of a fire-related emergency, the responders can be directed to the correct location quickly without causing too much of damage.

Addressable systems facilitate you to make modifications and expansions quite easily. As we know, the cost of wiring contributes to a chunk of the cost of installing a fire alarm system. In the case of conventional fire alarm systems, very few devices can be allocated to a loop. Based on the premises’ layout, a conventional alarm system may require more cabling than an addressable one, thereby pushing up the installation cost.

Proprietary System vs Open Alarm System

The installation of a proprietary alarm system is less expensive than the installation of an open system. As the fire alarm belongs to a specific company, any other company may not be able to provide the required programming and services. A customer is locked with the company for its services and the company may set very high prices for the services they provide. Whereas, in the case of open alarm systems, the prices for the services are competitive as there are multiple companies who can program and maintain the alarm system.

These various criteria can help you evaluate and choose the right fire alarm for your worksite. This will also help you to determine the final cost of installing a fire alarm system on your premises.

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