Components of Fire Protection

Fires are hazardous and destructive. It is of utmost importance that all steps must be taken to prevent fires and protect against them in case of a breakout. In this article, we will examine how to reduce the risk of fire and stop fires from spreading.

Active Protection Against Fire

This essentially means detecting a fire breakout and suppressing it.

Fire Detection Systems

Conventional Fire Alarms: These alarms are wired fire alarms that are suitable for smaller buildings and smaller coverage areas.

Addressable Fire Alarms: These alarm systems have the ability to report and record the locations where the fire has occurred.

Radio Fire Alarms: Also known as wireless fire alarms, these fire alarms are becoming quite popular. They do not have cables or wires, thereby reducing the cost and time for installation. These are generally addressable fire alarms.

Fire Suppression Systems

Sprinkler systems and portable fire extinguishers fall under the category of fire suppression systems. These systems are a requirement legislated by law and must be maintained regularly so that they function efficiently.

Passive Protection Against Fire

The objective of passive fire protection systems is to slow down the spreading of the fire. Fire doors, fire resistant floors and walls, and intumescent paints are all used to slow the spreading of fire and comprise passive protection.

Passive protection can be quite effective. For example, a fire door can stop the fire from moving through the premises or building quickly by cutting it off effectively. This helps to reduce damage as well as save lives.

Preventing Fire

The main elements of fire prevention are planning and education. A fire risk assessment must be conducted at every worksite and a person must be appointed who is responsible to take this up. Workers on the worksite must also be trained in fire prevention to avert any fire related emergency.

The workforce should be trained to handle fire protection equipment and in emergency procedures. A fire safety program is a very good way in which to educate the entire workforce of what they should do in case of a fire.

All these aspects of fire protection will ensure that your site is well-protected and the workforce is safeguarded in case of an incidence of fire.

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