Commercial Fire Protection Measures (DIY)

At every point in time, fire safety and prevention is of prime concern to property owners and managers. There are infinite ways in which a fire can start and completely destroy everything – property, lives and assets. However, any loss due to fire can be contained if the right fire prevention and protection procedures are in place.

Storing Flammable Items Safely

Usually, on a worksite, dumpsters, trash cans or trash bags along with other flammable items are placed outside the premises for disposal. These can easily catch fire if someone tosses a lit cigarette on them or sets them alight. You must ensure that all the trash is placed far away from the work premises and any flammable materials that are not meant for disposal must be stored indoors in a fire-safe location.

Creating Fire Safety Plans

Most times, people visiting the worksite or those who are present on the premises are not aware of what to do and how to escape in case of a fire outbreak. You must develop a fire prevention plan that clearly provides details of potential fire hazards and ways to deal with them. There should be a clear evacuation plan indicating two or more exits out of the premises, any obstacles that people may encounter during evacuation and earmark an assembly area outside the work premises where people should gather after evacuation. You must ensure that these plans are accessible easily to both employees as well as the visitors on the site.

Training Employees to Use Fire Extinguishers

In the case of a fire, fire extinguishers are equipment that is close at hand on worksites, and these can help to save lives as well as property. However, for this, the fire extinguishers on the premises must be used correctly and must be in proper working condition. Ensure that all the workers on the worksite are thoroughly trained to operate fire extinguishers. The training should include methods to deal with different kinds of fires and how to handle different fire scenarios.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance Plans

Ensure that the work premises is checked on a regular basis by a qualified inspector. All electrical equipment must be cleaned, maintained, working properly and meeting the code compliances. This includes all fire protection equipment such as fire alarms, smoke and heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, foam systems, etc. Apart from professional inspections, the worksite owners and managers must have their own regular routine for inspection and maintenance of all equipment on the work premises.

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