Selecting the Right Fire Detector

The marketplace today has a plethora of choices of fire detectors and choosing the right fire detector is of utmost importance to make sure that any fire is discovered at the earliest. However, the risk of false alarms should also be minimised at the same time. Fire detectors can detect one or more factors associated[…]

Cygnus on credit suisse

Cygnus on Credit Suisse

Once again Cygnus lands itself on a prestigious but complex project at the Credit Suisse building on Canary Wharf and No. 1 Cabot Square. Project Endeavour is the name given to the refurbishment of the iconic Credit Suisse buildings with ISG as the principal contractors on this project. The project started in 2016 and is[…]

Zoning and Addressing Cygnus

Zoning & Addressing Cygnus Alarms

I have two construction projects next to each other, how do I set up the fire alarm system? Some construction projects are more complex than others, for example there may be more than one part to a construction phase that’s being developed at the same time. However, this becomes more complicated for companies when installing[…]