Benefits of Radio Fire Alarm Systems: Part 2

In this second part of the series we’re going to look at more benefits that you can reap from using radio wireless fire alarm systems.


Wireless fire alarm systems have become very reliable in the last few decades due to advancements in technology. Wireless alarm systems now work on a dedicated communication frequency, which means that they do not share the same frequency with other services also using radio signals. Now, there is no interference from other frequencies, making radio alarms very reliable.

Range of Communication

Cygnus Wireless fire alarm systems have a very large range of communication, up to 1.5km and can even work through dense concrete. This enables fantastic coverage on large construction sites and, many systems can be linked together to provide complete security of the entire worksite.

Increased Safety

Since wireless fire alarms do not rely on external power sources, they are not affected by power outages. Further, since these fire alarms do not have wires, they are not vulnerable to damage due to fire or pests and rodents that may damage the wires.

Easy Maintenance

Battery technology has also advanced and become more sophisticated over the years. This has made the maintenance and management of radio alarm systems much easier. Also, the advanced technology and use of lithium batteries in the fire alarm devices have allowed for much longer life spans and less frequent replacements.

Easy Troubleshooting

Cygnus wireless fire alarm systems have the facility to identify any problems and do their own troubleshooting. They also provide alerts if the battery is low and needs replacement. Using the event log, you can easily see a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Cheaper Installation Costs

With wireless fire alarms you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wires and that helps in drastically reducing installation costs. Besides reducing installation costs, wireless fire alarms can be shifted from one location to another, thereby reducing the need to buy additional fire alarms.

Wireless fire alarms offer reduced installation times, more flexibility, improved reliability and most importantly significant cost savings.

The Cygnus range of wireless fire alarms is best-in-line and offers reliable and top-quality solutions to safeguard your business. The Cygnus range of products is redefining the way you can ensure the safety of your employees as well as the worksite in case of a fire related emergency.