Electrical Installations on Construction Sites

Electrical installations and fixtures are present everywhere on any construction site and if not maintained properly, they can be potentially hazardous and pose fire risks. All electrical installations on the worksite must be installed, inspected and maintained by professional personnel. All installations must meet the stipulated safety standards and guidelines. No alterations or ad hoc[…]

Haven Fire & Safety

Haven Fire and Safety is a leading Fire Protection, Engineering, Supply and service Company offering a “one stop shop” for client’s system solutions and equipment needs. The Company’s facilities are based throughout the UAE with branches in Abu Dhabi (Mussafa) and Dubai (Al Quoz) industrial areas. A wide customer base is covered in all major[…]

Fire Risk Assessment: Part 7

As we know, conducting a fire risk assessment for your construction site is very necessary. It can help to contain the damage that may be caused in case of a fire outbreak, not only in terms of safeguarding the lives of people, but your property and premises too. In this concluding article of the series[…]

Fire Risk Assessment: Part 6

In part 6 of the series on fire risk assessment, we will be discussing general fire precautions that must be taken on a construction worksite and the steps of recording, planning, informing, instructing and training. General Fire Precautions In the case of a fire outbreak, people present on the construction site must be able to[…]

Fire Risk Assessment: Part 4

We understood the importance of taking care of the safety of all the people that are present on your worksite in case of a fire in the previous article in this series. In this piece, we’re going to take look at “evaluating, removing, reducing and protecting from the risk” of fire. Step 3: Evaluating, Removing,[…]

Fire Risk Assessment: Part 3

This article is in continuation of the series on fire risk assessment. In the previous part of this series we looked at the different ignition sources, sources of fuel and sources of oxygen. Now that we have identified the sources of these aforementioned elements that can strongly contribute towards a fire at your construction site,[…]

Fire Risk Assessment: Part 2

This is part 2 of the series on fire risk assessment where we will be identifying the various sources of ignition, the sources of fuel and oxygen. Identifying the Ignition Sources Identify all possible sources of ignition before or during the construction process on the worksite. You can do this by locating the possible heat[…]

Fire Risk Assessment: Part 1

A fire outbreak can be quite devastating. Not only can fires kill, they can cause grievous injury and also financial loss. The dangers of fire are of concern on construction sites where many activities can be high-risk. A fire can start and spread very quickly and may become very difficult to contain, causing loss of[…]

Worksite Fire Prevention Tips

Fire prevention is a very important topic at any worksite. Fires are not only dangerous to lives; they can cause grievous injuries and also cause devastating damage to the worksite itself and to any materials that may be present on the worksite. Here are some safety tips for your workforce to keep your worksite “fire-safe”.[…]

Cost of Installing a Fire Alarm System

The importance of fire prevention and protection cannot be undermined and is an essential component in keeping your property as well as your people safe and secure. A very important factor to consider when installing a fire alarm system is the cost. The cost of installing a fire alarm system depends on two main factors[…]

Are Wireless Fire Alarms Safe?

Wireless fire alarms have become very popular in recent times. With advancements in technology, wireless fire alarms have become more sophisticated and are increasingly being used as part of fire protection systems at various places including offices, buildings, and construction sites. Wherever wiring is not possible, as in the case of temporary structures or construction[…]

Understanding Heat Detectors

Fire is a very common hazard which can be life-threatening and is a matter of serious concern. A fire breakout can be dangerous to property, causing some very serious losses. Heat detectors are a vital component of a fire alarm system and play an important role in the detection of fires. This article speaks about[…]

Types of Smoke Alarms

A fire can occur at any time and it is best to be prepared at all times and safeguard your worksite and people on the premises against the hazards of fire. The choice of an early warning system, proper installation and maintenance of the same are critical to saving lives and minimising loss of property.[…]

Types of Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are very vital devices when it comes to fire detection and safety. Heat detectors are quite different from smoke detectors and both these have very different applications and uses. Since an outbreak of fire on a construction site can be quite fatal, it is very vital to understand how heat detectors work. You[…]

Simple Steps to Fire Safety

Fire can be hazardous, dangerous and can cause some serious harm to the worksite, assets as well as people working on the premises. Following some very simple steps can go a long way in reducing the hazards of fire and destruction in case of the occurrence of a fire. Some Simple Steps to Ensure Fire[…]