MOD Development Protected By Cygnus

Cygnus units have been installed on Lovell’s MOD projects in Larkhill, Bulford and Ludgershall on the Salisbury Plain. Lovell were awarded the £250 million contract by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to build more than 900 new homes for troops and their families relocating from Germany to Salisbury Plain in South Wiltshire as part of[…]

Types of Fire Alarms for Temporary Sites

The basic requirement of fire safety is that you should be able to raise an alarm in the case of a fire related emergency. This requirement is not only applicable to permanent buildings but even if you have a temporary site where the work is going on, a temporary fire alarm is required. Some of[…]

Selecting the Right Fire Detector

The marketplace today has a plethora of choices of fire detectors and choosing the right fire detector is of utmost importance to make sure that any fire is discovered at the earliest. However, the risk of false alarms should also be minimised at the same time. Fire detectors can detect one or more factors associated[…]

Cygnus on credit suisse

Cygnus on Credit Suisse

Once again Cygnus lands itself on a prestigious but complex project at the Credit Suisse building on Canary Wharf and No. 1 Cabot Square. Project Endeavour is the name given to the refurbishment of the iconic Credit Suisse buildings with ISG as the principal contractors on this project. The project started in 2016 and is[…]

Fire Safe

Steps to Ensure That Your Worksite Is Fire Safe

Running a business and managing your worksite can be tough and in addition to that, ensuring the safety of the premises, business and the workforce can be quite a challenge. In this article, we have discussed a few steps that you can take to ensure that your worksite is fire safe. Completing the Fire Risk[…]

Zoning and Addressing Cygnus

Zoning & Addressing Cygnus Alarms

I have two construction projects next to each other, how do I set up the fire alarm system? Some construction projects are more complex than others, for example there may be more than one part to a construction phase that’s being developed at the same time. However, this becomes more complicated for companies when installing[…]

Is the Cygnus Radio range good enough for my construction site?

Majority of construction sites select wireless options for their temporary fire alarm systems which are radio linked to each other and are battery powered. Depending on the type of construction and its immediate surroundings, the required radio signal range for a fire alarm will vary. For instance, on a construction site with buildings constructed of[…]

Cygnus Products are R.E.D Compliant

What is R.E.D? The Radio Equipment Directive (EU directive 2014/53/EU) establishes a regulatory framework for placing radio-electric equipment on the free market. It replaces the old Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Directive. All product in scope of this directive and placed on the EU market must be compliant as from Tuesday 13th June 2017. Don’t[…]

Choosing The Right Alarm System

How to Choose the Right Fire Alarm System

The threat of a fire is unpredictable and can occur anytime. So it is best to be prepared at all times. Fire detection and fire protection systems are essential on any construction site and can safeguard your property as well as your people. Factors That Must Be Considered When Installing a Wireless Alarm System All[…]

Fire Risk Assessment

Guide to Fire Risk Assessment for Your Worksite

The fire safety legislations require that every business and construction site should carry out a Fire Risk Assessment or FRA. The FRA applies to all businesses employing 5 or more people, which includes part-time employees, worksites that have public visitors, landlords of HMO properties and landlords with control of the business premises and self-employed people[…]

Wired vs. Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Selecting a fire alarm system for your worksite is a very important decision and you must make up your mind whether a wired or a wireless system will be more appropriate for your business. Difference Between a Wired and Wireless Fire Alarm A wired fire alarm system is one that makes use of wires to[…]

Advantages of Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire detection systems, mostly the wired types have been used until recently in most residential, commercial and industrial installations. Wired fire alarm systems are very easy to install when the construction is in progress as a new construction facilitates easy cable laying. However, in recent years, we have been seeing the rise of wireless technology,[…]

Risk of Fire from Demolition Work

Any demolition work occurring on the construction site can pose high risk of fire and explosion, especially when tank structures or buried gas service pipes are being dismantled resulting in the ignition of combustible residue. So, adequate precautions must be taken to protect the site from a fire when such demolition work is going on.[…]

Reducing Ignition Sources on Construction Sites

Any construction site is vulnerable to fire outbreaks because of building materials and other combustible materials stored on the site. This can put the lives of the people on-site in danger. So, it is of utmost importance to identify the potential ignition sources on the worksite and try and reduce them where possible. Smoking Any[…]

Reducing Potential Fuel Sources

Any construction site has materials stored of which some can be combustible and hence hazardous in case there is a fire outbreak on the worksite. Dangerous Substances The safety of the people on the worksite can be put at risk in case of a fire and explosion due to the presence of dangerous substances on[…]

Storage of Combustible Materials on Construction Sites

Construction sites are especially vulnerable to fire outbreak due to the number of materials stored on the site. Any fire can potentially be hazardous and can cause injury or even death. Hence, adequate precautions must be taken to safely store all the materials, especially combustible materials. Storage of Materials Combustible materials should ideally be stored[…]