Are your H&S personnel trained on Cygnus?

Our innovative alarm system is very functional and easy to use, however it’s essential engineers and construction workers are confident when installing or servicing the alarm units.

Therefore we’ve created 3 instruction videos which cover the basic functionalities of the Cygnus System that can be accessed at any time.

Video 1 – Cygnus Setup  

The Cygnus Setup video covers the following:

  • Where to install call points
  • Where to install detectors
  • Control Panel installation
  • How to install individual alarm units
  • View connected units on Control Panel


Video 2 – Cygnus Operation 

The Cygnus operation video covers the following:

  • How to evacuate site from panel
  • How to activate system from alarm units, fire and first aid
  • How to silence the system, fire and first aid
  • Set up sounder delays / double knocks
  • View History / Event Log on the Control Panel


Video 3 – Testing and Diagnostics 

The Cygnus Testing and Diagnostics video cover the following:

  • Testing units on a ‘walk-around’ test
  • Finding and clearing faults on system
  • Changing batteries
  • Finding and clearing alerts and notifications on the system

Where to find the videos: (Videos and Tests)


Online Tests

To help increase competency when installing and maintaining the Cygnus system, we have also created 3 quick online tests which run alongside the above videos. There are 10 multiple choice questions in each test based on the contents of the 3 videos which highlight the key points. This is a great tool to ensure your H&S personnel are competent enough to maintain the system on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, if you need the system service,  have specific requirements or require more in-depth training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our technical team via or call us on 01432 371170