Are Wireless Fire Alarms Safe?

Wireless fire alarms have become very popular in recent times. With advancements in technology, wireless fire alarms have become more sophisticated and are increasingly being used as part of fire protection systems at various places including offices, buildings, and construction sites.

Wherever wiring is not possible, as in the case of temporary structures or construction projects, installing wireless fire alarms has become a common practice. These devices offer a high degree of flexibility not found in traditional wired systems. Not only can these wireless fire alarms be installed in any place that you want, they protect the premises from the hazards of fire effectively.

As you may be aware, communication between various devices in wireless fire alarm systems occurs via the use of radio frequencies. While this kind of communication is flexible as well as cost effective, the major concern is – Are wireless alarm systems safe?

Can Other Wireless Devices Create Interference?

Wireless fire alarms operate on certain select bandwidths for communication. In order to avoid interference with other wireless equipment, the frequency of the radio signal of the wireless fire alarm can be adjusted. The engineer can ensure that the interference is minimal during installation.

Are the Signals of the Wireless Fire Alarms Encrypted?

To ensure further security, the radio signals from the wireless fire alarms can also be encrypted so that only connected devices can decode the signal. You should select a wireless fire alarm system that conforms to security standards. This will assure you of the safety and reliability of the communication methods used.

Can the Wireless Signals Cause Harm?

Wireless signals will not cause any harm to those in the vicinity of the wireless fire alarm systems. We are surrounded by radio waves all the time and there are several devices using the same technology i.e. Wi-Fi, hand-held radios, motion detectors, etc. which are all harmless.

What If the Battery of the Wireless Fire Alarm Runs Out?

Many devices have the facility to send the battery status to the wireless fire alarm control panel that will, in turn, let you know through the LEDs or messages that the power is low in the battery of a particular device. The system will alert you several days in advance so that you have ample time to change the battery and keep your fire alarm in its optimum working condition.

Wireless fire alarms are becoming an integral part of today’s scenario to safeguard your workplace as well as home from fire. Today, Cygnus has become a word to reckon with in the fire protection arena and the top-quality Cygnus wireless fire alarms indeed go a long way in maintaining the best safety standards in the industry.