Advantages of Wireless Fire Alarms

Fire detection systems, mostly the wired types have been used until recently in most residential, commercial and industrial installations. Wired fire alarm systems are very easy to install when the construction is in progress as a new construction facilitates easy cable laying. However, in recent years, we have been seeing the rise of wireless technology, which is slowly becoming a very integral part of our lives.

When existing technology and devices become wireless, the functionality increases by leaps and bounds and today, fire alarm systems have also become wireless. Wireless fire alarm systems make use of radio frequencies in order to connect the controllers to the various devices like smoke detectors, heat detectors, call points, sounders, etc., without the use of wires.

The trend of using wireless fire alarms is becoming very popular in the case of applications where laying wires are impractical, expensive and time-consuming. Wireless fire alarms are particularly useful for buildings of historical importance and the architectural restrictions do not allow the setting up of temporary installations.

Wireless fire alarms offer a great deal of flexibility, are cost effective and have several benefits.

Advantages of Wireless Fire Alarms

Wireless fire alarms can be installed very easily and the entire alarm system is portable and extremely flexible. The main advantage is that these alarm systems can be installed in any place needed and can be moved anywhere and anytime as required. The devices can also be repositioned very quickly.

The fire alarm system does not require the use of cables to connect the various devices across the system. Usually, the only wiring is from the signal booster and control panel to the mains.

Since there is no cabling requirement, the time taken for the installation of a wireless fire alarm system is very less. While a hardwired fire alarm system can take weeks or months to install, a device of the wireless system can be set up in just 30 minutes. This is a great advantage as your business can go on without any interruptions because of the installation.

In case you are making modifications to the layout of your building, the position of the wireless fire alarms can be changed effortlessly.

Since the wireless fire alarm system runs on batteries and is not connected to an electrical power source, your alarm system will work without any disruptions even in the case of any power outage.

Wireless fire alarms are suited for construction sites and building complexes that have more than a single building. In the case of temporary installations, for instance, construction sites where the work is in progress, wireless fire alarms can be installed and then removed once the work on the site is finished.

Today, wireless technology has become an integral part of modern life and wireless fire alarm systems have many advantages over the traditional wired systems. Cygnus’ range of wireless fire alarms enables you to safeguard your people as well as your assets from the hazards of fire and today, the top-quality Cygnus products are indeed redefining the business of safety.