Advantages of Radio or Wireless Fire Alarms

Fires can be quite devastating to any business regardless of size and the advantages of having a reliable fire alarm system cannot be undermined. The key to minimizing damage to sites and lives is relying on technology-based safety and a 24×7 reliable protection system can be offered via a wireless fire alarm system that does not depend on human intervention.

Radio or wireless fire alarm systems came into existence around the 1980’s. Over time and with technological advances, these systems have also steadily advanced in terms of sophistication, performance and reliability.

Do Not Require Extensive Wiring

The primary advantage of wireless fire alarm systems is that they can be installed almost anywhere and do not require extensive cabling and wires.

Reduced Installation Times

Another major plus of wireless fire alarm systems is the considerably reduced installation time. Cygnus devices can be configured and installed in a day, as the temporary site devices are powered via batteries and therefore does not require cables to connect it to the fire alarm system. In comparison, a wired system can take weeks or months to install.

Cost Effective

A wireless system is cheaper to install and is a great option for undertakings that are always looking for cost effective options. The installation of Cygnus wireless fire alarms does not disrupt the construction project due to the installation process.


Since wireless alarms are very flexible and easy to install, they can be used as temporary systems in buildings or construction sites where work is in progress. These systems can be used as long as the project is going on and can be dismantled and used in the next project. Since there are no wires, devices can be added or removed as and when required, thereby causing no interruptions in construction.

Damage in Case of Fire

A wireless fire alarm system has no cables that can be damaged causing a significant delay in detecting the fire.


Radio alarm systems have become more reliable as they have a dedicated radio frequency to use and there is no interference of other radio signals. The wireless systems run on batteries and are not connected to a power grid, which makes the maintenance quite easy and you can rely on the site fire alarms to work even if there is a power outage.

In conclusion, wireless fire alarms are greatly beneficial as they offer greater flexibility, reduced installation times and the reliability of these systems has improved in leaps and bounds over the last two decades. The mesh radio system that Cygnus uses is safer than a cable and can be 100% relied on.