July 27, 2016
Cygnus Alarm on fire point

Where Did The Name 'Cygnus' Come From?

The Cygnus wireless alarm and evacuation system has been named after the constellation Cygnus called Cygnus A which was discovered in 1951 and is one of the strongest radio sources in the sky.

This galaxy was found to be 500 million light years away and was a fantastic discovery. It showed that the process that causes the radio waves to be given off must be colossally powerful, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to detect them from so far away. In fact the radiation from Cygnus A is about a million times as powerful as that discovered from the milky way by Karl Jansky in 1933. Galaxies which are strong sources of radio waves are called radio galaxies and many have been found since the discovery of Cygnus A.

The Cygnus constellation form a swan shape. Cygnus is the Latin word for swan.



The Most Powerful Radio Signal

A major feature of the Cygnus system is the optional control panel which provides a very sophisticated capability with an event log function which records any events such as an alarm activation, low battery warning, and signal faults, all of which can be viewed if necessary in the history folder held on the panel.  The system also has the ability to test all units and has an evacuate function which will act as a call point to the rest of the alarm units.

Each unit in the system can provide the panel with information at regular intervals.  This explicit information confirms the unit is still present and what the battery status of each device is.  Known as the ‘heart beat’ this message is monitored by the control panel where fitted and if the ‘heart beat’ is not heard for several intervals, the control panel logs a full status for that unit.

A PIR option is now available on any of the modules which can detect an intruder and alert off-site personnel for added safety protection.

The Cygnus Alarm System can also be linked via an interface unit to access control systems and release turnstiles and other access systems to ensure the safe evacuation of a construction site.

Bull Products offers a full one-year guarantee on all Cygnus devices and provides high levels of technical, on-site and after-sales service support in addition to its standard maintenance contracts.

Other features of the Cygnus Alarm System are detailed below.